How to submit?

The music department accepts physical music submissions and also send your music to [email protected]
All submissions are registered and details of persons submitting are recorded
All tracks are listened to within the Playlist Meeting
The tracks are defined with regards to; Accepted/Shelved/Held over

Playlist Criteria

The song fits within the station format (set in the music policy guidelines)
The level of production is equivalent to that of international standard (should the track be local)
The track is a radio edit e.g. song duration
There are no explicit lyrics
The tracks have an excessive amount of strong language
The tracks are female friendly (as mer the music policy guidelines)
The tracks are of a duration of not more than 4 min in order to make it radio friendly
No instrumental tracks will be accepted due to the Stations set mandate
The music must be 196kbps and be either wav or mp3 format

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